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Zoé Cavaro

Interview, 10/2023

Hi Zoé, I’m so glad you accepted the interview. I couldn’t find much info about you but I’m sure this situation will change shortly. You are so talented. So, can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m a 22 year old French photographer and director currently based in Nantes. My visual universe is surrealistic, colorful and dark at the same time. In my pictures, I love staging the body in some unidentifiable space-times —I work with postures more than faces. Music strongly feeds my inspiration, the meeting of images and sounds really catches me and this is why I work a lot with musical artists.

Are you currently studying? Why did you decide to start this profession?

I ended my cinema studies one year ago. I decided to start this profession when I understood that being a photographer wasn’t necessarily about institutional and weddings (which is absolutely nice and respectful, it’s just not me). I had a very powerful revelation after Xavier Dolan’s speech at Cannes in 2014; “Anything is possible to those who dream, dare and never give up”. This trigger allowed me to be ambitious for real.

How do you see Paris to start an artist career? I find his art scene ahead many other places, what do you think?

For the time being, my feeling with Paris is a bit complex: I moved there in September 2020 with a lot of desires and objectives but our dear friend Covid 19 prevented me from achieving them. This is why I temporarily came back to Nantes where I already have my connections. I look forward to discover Paris as it really is when it is not entirely closed! Indeed, this is the nerve center of French artistic life and I see it as a necessary step for my career (but who knows?).

You also co-directed AvA’s last videoclip —REGARDE MOI and ORAGE—, how was that experience?

Those experiences were absolutely amazing! Our co-director’s duo works wonderfully. AVA, more than being a very talented singer and director, is an important collaborator and friend who made me grow as an artist. Together, we’re working on many projects: music videos, photos, short movies, an audiovisual live…

As a young artist, are you facing any challenges? do you think nowadays photographers have to work harder due to the huge competition?

I guess our biggest challenges are to believe in ourselves and find a place in an environment where, when one is ambitious, the requirements are harsh. As you said, the competition is important and sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in a surplus of images, always comparing myself to other photographer’s talent. Most photographers of my generation are facing kinds of inferiority complexes or impostor syndromes partly due to social media (that is why supporting each other is crucial).

I don’t know if we have to work “harder”, I just think the world of photography mutates from day to day and the skills required to “get your break” evolve with them too. On one hand, this practice has become particularly democratized, so the profession is much more within reach. On the other hand, the competition is tough (but fortunately it’s a virtuous circle, communication works thanks to the beautiful images).

Where do you get your inspiration from? is there any artist or photographer that particularly inspires you? which photographer would you like us to interview?

I mostly get my inspiration from music videos, photographers and stuff I’m following on social medias, music… I also deeply love listening to people’s anecdotes or gazing at strangers in the street, which is part of my inspiration too. Currently, Devonte Hyne’s music videos particularly touch me because they intertwine powerful and surrealistic images with subtly staged commitments.
I’d like you to interview Anselme Servain because he’s one of my best friends and its visual universe is very poetic, personal, and strong.

Could you take one of your photographs and tell us what is behind that image?

“OBSESSION II” — He was everywhere with me without even having seen each other anywhere. Was he someone or something?

This image is part of my “OBSESSION” series made around June 2020. I wanted to evoke virtual relationships. At this period, I was constantly talking to a boy I matched on Tinder. We couldn’t met because of distance but I became absolutely addict to our flood of text messages on our daily Whatsapp conversation. I found the mental process fascinating and irrational so I wanted to highlight it through a selfportrait series with saturated colors in a digital atmosphere. I used blur and distortions to reflect the irrational ascendancy.

And finally, how are you feeling lately? Would you like to tell us about future projects or promote anything?

The year has had its ups and downs, but September is full of great projects! My next music video co-directed with AVA for her new song Summer Blue will be out on October 15th! It tells a sweet and simple moment of life between two women in the rays of the sun.

We’d love to bring you a miramono print version. It is not yet possible. Meanwhile...

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